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is a nationwide interest organization for anyone who works with Risography in Norway

We shall:

πŸ“Ž  promote the production of work done with a Risograph or an equivalent stencil machine

πŸ“Ž   act as a contact network and a forum for cooperation for those interested in Riso

πŸ“Ž  promote exchange of knowledge and experience

πŸ“Ž  publish newsletters that provide information about Risography and the activities of Risoforening

πŸ“Ž  promote Norwegian work produced using Riso internationally

Who are we?

Norsk Risoforening was unofficially founded the fall of 2017 at the Bergen Art Book Fair by three like-minded Riso printers spread over the country in the cities of Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. On a sandy beach outside of Stavanger, the association was made official the summer of 2018. Our co-founders and current board members are:

Benjamin Hickethier (&soWalter)
Ann-Kristin StΓΈlan (Pamflett)
Jessica Williams-Holmberg (Hverdag Books)

Want to get involved?

Get in touch on social media or email us.

Join our closed Facebook group. Here we report on and place open calls for Riso publiations to travel with us to book fairs or to be included in exhibitons. You can post questions here to the local Riso community.

It is also possible to order a fancy membership pin and/or newsletters shipped directly to your home in the shop.